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4 Weeks to SHIFT from Stress to Success
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It's Time To Have The Life You Want. 

The Relationships You Want. 

The Health You Want.

Success Is An Inside Job.

Has this past couple of years added a whole new level of stress and strain as you juggled the massive new work pressures, kids and school, sick family members, no connection, let alone no me-time? 🤯

👉 Exhausted?

👉 Relationships suffering?

👉 Is the life and success you want seeming more and more like a distant dream?

It doesn’t have to be this way!

Don’t miss out on our upcoming Retrain Your Brain Bootcamp... 

I created it for you… yes, you! ❤️

You’re probably thinking… what a load of 💩!

Dr. Irene doesn’t know me, so how could she create this for me?

Fair question. 

And let me ask you this...

Have you been feeling:

👉 Like a failure… that you’ve been working so hard and not getting anywhere?

👉 Betrayed by a system that doesn’t appreciate your hard work?

👉 Frustrated that you can’t fix yourself — after all, you help everyone else, right?

👉 Are you afraid you’re going to die on the job if you keep on keeping on?

👉 Have your health or relationships suffered as you’ve struggled to stay afloat?

You, my friend, are far from alone in the challenges you’ve been experiencing lately. 

I’ve been there too. And I’ve helped so many other heroes who’ve been through the wringer that I’ve got a pretty good idea of what you’re currently experiencing too.

You remind me of my client, Dr. Stephanie Strange (not her real name 🤫 ), who like you was working hard to make the world a better place for others and her family too.

But here’s the thing.

Instead of having the life she always wanted, she felt: 

🛑  Betrayed by a system that didn’t appreciate her hard work

🛑  Disillusioned about being able to succeed and create the life she wanted

🛑  Frustrated that she couldn’t fix herself — after all… she helped everyone else, right?

🛑  Like a failure, that she was broken and hadn’t been able to achieve the success and life she had been told she'd have if she just worked hard enough

🛑  Afraid that she had to “dial it back” and that her dreams of making a difference were shattered

She was about to crash and burn.

She needed a guide to show her how to help herself, just as she'd helped so many others.

I was the perfect guide for her because I understood completely.

You see, when I was lying in my hospital bed after my own catastrophic burnout and accident, all alone with ten broken bones, I made a vow that, if I could help even one person … one family… avoid the suffering my family and I experienced because I crashed and burned, then I’d be successful and it would make our experience worthwhile. 

 To help my family recuperate against all odds, I had already searched for the best tools and tested them on myself and my family.

Once I'd helped my family and I surpass the dismal expectations the specialists had for us, I then starting helping my clients.

My special clinical focus was helping clients with severe complicated conditions such as intractable pain, brain injuries and neurological conditions heal when nothing else had helped. 

I became known as the Last Resort doctor... the problem solver... the go-to when all else failed.

However, I just knew there was more to my story of burnout than the surface reason of overwork. 

After all, I did everything right. 

✅ I ate right. 

✅ I slept well. 

✅ I exercised regularly. 

✅ I even meditated daily.

✅ I had a positive mindset.

I thought I was on top of the world mentally and emotionally.

I realized there was something even deeper that had set me up for failure without my even knowing. 

I wanted to help even more, so I searched for years until I found the root cause of why I had crashed burned so that I could show others the way out.

Since then, I've been helping my clients bounce back from Burnout and SHIFT from Stress to Success. 

After working with me, Dr. Stephanie reclaimed her energy, confidence and motivation to succeed. 

She learned the secret sauce to working smarter instead of harder so that life and work seemed effortless. 

She began to enjoy her personal life and created way more revenue while working less hours. 

She even looked and felt ten years younger.

While I was thrilled for Dr. Stephanie, I wanted to help even more people.

Now, you can experience the same benefits Dr. Stephanie did, because I’ve taken all of the scientifically validated tools I used with her and packaged them in my foundational Retrain Your Brain Bootcamp.

Here’s how and why it works: 

You’re designed for success and set up for failure. 

You have faulty programming and energy vampires that are draining your precious energy and wearing you out faster, so that you’re either not reaching your goals, or reaching them at a great cost in other areas of your life, like your health, relationships or personal life.

It’s like driving a high performance car as fast as you can while riding the brake. 

You’re either going to not go as fast as you’re capable of, or you’re going to wear out your engine way faster. 

This course is about optimizing your energy and effectiveness so that you have the resources, energy and bandwidth to go faster, further, and with more fun towards your desired goals in every area of life.

And by doing so, you can have the success you want without sacrificing your health, your relationships (which often break down as a side effect of the old way), or your personal life (because you’ll have more energy and bandwidth to enjoy it).

Success is truly an inside-out job.

This 4-week bootcamp is a conditioning program, based on proven neuroscientific methods, that will dramatically decrease your stress, overwhelm and burnout, as well as reprogram your conscious and unconscious minds so that you’re able to SHIFT into Success mode too!

Still on the fence on whether to join?

Perhaps you’re thinking: 

👉 you’re too busy and don’t have time 

👉 that you don’t want or need someone’s help because you already know all of this stuff

👉 that you’re too overwhelmed and the last thing you need is to add one more thing to your plate

I created this bootcamp for exactly those reasons, to help you work smarter instead of harder, and to feel calm and in control, no matter what curveballs life is throwing your way. 

As a doctor, I didn’t know all the stuff I’m going to teach you in this course. 

Frankly, I didn’t even know I needed it until it was too late and I crashed and burned… literally.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to level up your success now so that you’re ready to hit the ground running in September and end 2021 on a high note?

It’s time to register and choose to SHIFT from Stress to Success. 

The Retrain Your Brain Bootcamp




    👉28-day pre-recorded conditioning program that will guide you in breaking through the barriers blocking your success: Fears, Victim Sabotage Patterns, Faulty Programming, and Trauma
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  • Everything in Foundational Self-study level 
  • ​Small Group weekly coaching calls with one of our certified coaches 
Accelerator Level


  • Everything in the Growth Level 
  • ​Weekly live group coaching call with Dr. Irene
  • Limited to 10 participants

What Others Are Saying

About Dr. Irene

It seems like yesterday. 

I lay in a dark lonely hospital room, wracked with pain from ten broken bones (including my neck, ribs, back, and pelvis). 


Worse than the stabs of pain with every breath or tiny movement were the guilt and shame — the horror — of what I’d done. 

I’d almost killed my young sons. 

What kind of mother was I?

What kind of doctor was I?

What kind of monster was I?

I had lost consciousness and driven straight into a massive rock face in northern Canada. 

My 4-year-old son lay in an induced coma with a catastrophic brain injury and my 6-year-old son was suffering massively from PTSD and missing his best buddy and mom. 

No, I wasn’t drinking or doing drugs. 

Nor did I fall asleep at the wheel.

While I may not have intentionally meant to harm them, the result was the same. 

My inner judge and jury tried and convicted me of the worst imaginable crime. 

I had been trying to be Superwoman, the perfect single mom, the perfect doctor, the successful businessperson. 

Instead, my young sons and I almost died in a catastrophic car accident because I had burned out. 

I had crashed and burned… literally.

The SARS epidemic of 2003 was at its height, and I was under hospital quarantine. 

No one could visit me. 

Worse yet, I was going crazy with fear for my sons since I couldn’t see them. 

I spiralled down into self-pity, fear, guilt, and depression... pouring salt on the wound of the constant physical pain. 

I honestly wondered if I could take any more and if life was even worth living. “WHY ME?” I cried, as I wept my eyes out, all alone in my hospital room.

And yet, I knew I had a CHOICE to either wallow in self-pity and guilt or to decide that my sons still needed me and that I wasn’t the monster my inner judge had painted me to be.

I was simply a doctor and mother who had done what most of my colleagues still do every day… putting everyone else first and sacrificing their health, relationships, and personal life in their quest to save the world. 

I knew that, far from being alone, I was just one of millions suffering from this silent pandemic that our society has encouraged. 

It has programmed us to push ourselves to the breaking point or risk being labeled as failures or lazy. 

And most people don’t understand that burnout isn’t just extreme fatigue or a breakdown. 

It can show up as brain fog, dropping the ball at home or work, making mistakes, or blowing up at coworkers or family. It might also manifest as diabetes, heart disease, or even cancer. 

And it can end in a car accident, possibly taking lives.

“Why me?” has become my Why.  

I have trained and worked hard since that fateful day when I hit the wall so that I could become the best guide possible for you and other real-life heroes:

My comprehensive background and expertise now span both Eastern and Western medicine:

✅ I hold dual doctor degrees as a Medical Doctor and Doctor of Chiropractic

✅ I am a former instructor of contemporary medical acupuncture

✅ I hold further certification in acquired brain injury (neuroplasticity, neurophysiology), elite performance psychology, leadership, communication, stress management, and resilience coaching

✅ As a neurophysiological meditation instructor, my meditations on Insight Timer have helped over a hundred thousand people improve their lives and wellbeing 

✅ I am an internationally best-selling co-author of the book, Journey of Riches: In Search of Happiness

✅ I am the host of the internationally ranked podcast, Self-Heal

So, if you want to finally SHIFT from stress into success mode in all areas of your life, you need to hit the button and register now.

Copyright 2021 - Dr. Irene Cop - All Rights Reserved

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